ConMan ver. 5 - MedicMind Content Management System

MedicMind has produced a Content Management System called ConMan ver. 5. The aim of this product is easy and powerful management of the website along with many features aimed at the scientific community. The privilege system makes ConMan ver. 5 ideal for running an intranet and extranet web site simultaneously.
ConMan ver. 5 makes it possible to structure the web pages hierachically, set read and write access to each individual page using a special login-system and to insert dynamically generated content (news, publication lists, user lists, calendars and others) easily on the pages using a unique Microsoft Word-like editor. ConMan ver. 5 has an extendable module system with many different modules made already (some of them mentioned above).

For a more indepth explanation, please see the manual



ConMan ver. 5 is written in PHP5. It is not bound up to any particular web server or server, and it is currently running on both an Apache webserver on a Linux server and on IIS on a Windows server. The database used is MySQL.


The pages outputted by ConMan ver. 5 does not require a particular browser type - the actual design of the web site may contain elements, however, that require a new browser, plugins etc. This is a restriction in the design of the page, not on the system.

In order to use the Rich Text Editor, however, an Internet Explorer ver. 5.0+, Mozilla ver 1.4+ or Mozilla ver Firefox 1.+ are required. Please note that Mozilla and Mozilla Firefox are open source software eunning on both Windows, Linux and Mac Os X, thus the editor are not bound to be a Windows user.