MedicMind produces IT-Solutions for scientific projects, societies and conferences. The company is owned by MSc. Lars Riisgaard Ribe.

Lars Riisgaard Ribe started out as a medical student, but his interest in technology made him seek new challenges in Biomedical Engineering and medical research. He has administrated several web sites and worked as a programmer at at The Section for Health Informatics, University of Aarhus.
Lars Riisgaard Ribe has participated in research projects and are now research assistant and the contact to the scientific community inspired him to create tailor made web-sites for scientific organizations and conferences. With a background in research and web design he is in an optimal position to meet the needs of the scientific community.
MedicMind enjoys the challenge of customizing each solution to the specific needs of a project. All development is done in collaboration with the customer to ensure that the finished product reflects the needs of the customers and the users.